Preparing for Massage

1212For a lot of people when they come for their first ever massage they are very nervous and don’t really know what to expect. Before any treatment begins the therapist at RJS will explain the procedures of the treatment, go through your medical background, and explain what clothes if any need to be removed. Throughout the treatment the client will always be covered with draping of towels apart from the area that is being treated. If the client needs to be moved during treatment the therapist will always ensure that you will be covered with towels for privacy. if the client needs to get changed or undressed the therapist will leave the room or cover the view with the use of a towel. As a female client if treatment on the back is required the therapist will always ask if they can remove the bra strap to ensure the treatment is as good as possible and then once the work is complete the therapist will then re-fasten the bra.

All of the treatments provided should warm and relax your muscles, ease muscle separation from connective tissue, and improve soft tissue elasticity, permeability and fluid circulation. They may assist in recovery from exertion, improve flexibility and increase joint range of motion, improve soft tissue healing, aid in longer term pain reduction, increase energy levels, mental alertness and general sense of well-being, and should therefore provide you with decreased injury potential and optimised performance.

Once the treatment is complete the therapist will allow you to have a couple of minutes to get your bearings back and give you a glass of water as you may feel very dehydrated and dizzy. After the client feels they are ready the therapist can leave the room or cover the view with a towel so that you can get changed. After everything is completed as a therapist they will advise and provide you with exercises and stretches if necessary to assist your recovery, increase your flexibility and improve your health.