Professional Athletes We Work With

Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall

RJS Sports & Remedial Massage have been working alongside Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall since May 2016, RJS were part of Eddie’s team when he lifted the 500kg World Record Deadlift in July 2016 and then RJS were offered the opportunity to travel out to Botswana for the World’s Strongest Man in 2016 when he placed 3 rd on the podium.

The most prestigious moment was when RJS travelled with Eddie to the World’s Strongest Man 2017  again in Botswana when he claimed victory and officially became the World’s Strongest Man 2017.

The West Twins – Professional Female Body Builder Lucy West

Working as an athlete I train many times in a typical week- I also used to work 9 hours a day in a desk job-both contributing to me having to live with constant back and neck pain. I tried a few physios but the problem never lessened. Instead I learned to live with it which wasn’t ideal- it also caused me to become
short tempered in general and sometimes nauseous.

I was then recommended Rich Sale at RJS Sports & Remedial Massage by my partner who said he was amazing. I now only ever use Rich, and even though I can get physio for free, I choose not too because the results are that great! Not only do I get instant relief with the acupuncture and massage treatment from Rich, I can now go weeks without any pain! I regularly have treatment now and no-longer have to use Ibuprofen just to get through a day! Finally, Rich is super professional and friendly – he has never cancelled on me and is also super flexible if I need his treatment at late notice- he’ll do what he can to fit me in.

Kerri Welsh – Aston Villa Ladies Forward

I started playing when I was only a kid in the school playground,
which then led me to Stoke City Centre of Excellence until I was
14, then onto Crewe from 2 years. I then joined Everton at 16 and
played there for 6 years. I then moved on to Aston Villa to play in
the Women’s Super league and haven’t looked back. I first started
treatment with RJS 18 months ago…. I had lower back pain which
was stopping me from training and playing, also affected me doing
day to day activities such as walking….. I messaged rich and he
replied straight away giving me an appointment for the next day.
Excellent service! After the first session he diagnosed me and I saw
improvements straight away and up to present had no further issues
with my back. I then went to see him on another handful of
occasions to give me full body deep tissue massages to help me
recover from games and training. I will be continuing to use RJS
throughout my career and highly recommend not only athletes but
non athletes. Comfortable friendly environment and top notch
service and treatment.

RJS is also trusted by many other high level sportspeople, including:

Rod MacDonald – Coventry Football Defender

Josh Gordon – Leicester City Football Club

Other professional / ex professionals treated:
Andy Griffin – Ex Stoke City FC Captain
Martin Foyle – Ex Port Vale FC & Manager
Andy Porter – Ex Port Vale FC
Bill Kazmeir – 3x Worlds Strongest Man