Professional Athletes We Work With

Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall

RJS Sports & Remedial Massage have been working alongside Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall since May 2016, RJS were part of Eddie’s team when he lifted the 500kg World Record Deadlift in July 2016 and then RJS were offered the opportunity to travel out to Botswana for the World’s Strongest Man in 2016 when he placed 3 rd on the podium.

The most prestigious moment was when RJS travelled with Eddie to the World’s Strongest Man 2017  again in Botswana when he claimed victory and officially became the World’s Strongest Man 2017.

Brian Shaw

RJS had the opportunity working with 4 x Worlds Strongest Man Brian Shaw when he was over the UK doing some promotional work. Rich has previously met Brian on multiple occasions when at events with Eddie Hall including Worlds Strongest Man, Brian stands in at 6”9 and 200kg

The Stoltman Brothers:

RJS have now taken on the Strongest Brothers in the World  – The Stoltman Brothers, Luke and Tom. RJS travelled to Sheffield in Jan 2020 for Britains Strongest Man where Tom placed 2nd with Luke being 3rd Britain’s strongest man. Luke has also won Scotland’s Strongest Man 4 times however, Tom has now taken the reigns and is currently Scotland’s Strongest man for the past 2 years running. RJS are travelling to Europe’s Strongest Man with them on 4th April 2020. As the Stoltman brothers live over 8 hours away the majority of treatments are events only but they have travelled to see me in the clinic when passing through Stoke.

Kerri Welsh – Aston Villa Ladies Forward

I started playing when I was only a kid in the school playground, which then led me to Stoke City Centre of Excellence until I was 14, then onto Crewe from 2 years. I then joined Everton at 16 and played there for 6 years. I then moved on to Aston Villa to play in the Women’s Super league and haven’t looked back.

I first started treatment with RJS 18 months ago…. I had lower back pain which >was stopping me from training and playing, also affected me doing day to day activities such as walking….. I messaged rich and he replied straight away giving me an appointment for the next day.
Excellent service! After the first session he diagnosed me and I saw improvements straight away and up to present had no further issues with my back. I then went to see him on another handful of occasions to give me full body deep tissue massages to help me recover from games and training. I will be continuing to use RJS throughout my career and highly recommend not only athletes but non athletes. Comfortable friendly environment and top notch service and treatment.


RJS have now been completing the role Head of Therapy at Longton Rugby Club for the past 2 seasons, at Longton they treat all teams for both acute and chronic sport injuries, offer pitchside first aid on matchdays and creating facilitating rehabilitation programmes to get players back to full fitness.

All signatures from Britain’s Strongest Man 2020 when working with Tom Stoltman & Luke Stoltman where they placed 2nd and 3rd.