After suffering from migraine for many years, very bad IBS and general aches and pains due to stress which kept me on a constant loop backwards and forwards to my GP, I discovered RJS Sports & Remedial Massage therapist Rich Sale by chance after going to a Staffordshire Wellbeing event.

I decided to give it a try as I do not like taking lots of prescription drugs. He diagnosed chronic upper back, shoulder and neck issues. I have been having regular weekly sessions since July and the benefits have been great!

I have not had a migraine since I started the treatment, my IBS has been non-existent and my stress levels are greatly reduced. People have asked me if I have lost weight, I haven’t it is all to do with my posture which has now been corrected to a great degree after treatment. My neck and shoulders feel free and I have gained a lot more movement in my shoulders.

I certainly wish that I had known about this treatment years ago as it has certainly given me a new lease of life!

I cannot thank Rich enough for all that he has done for me.

VM (Aged 49)
VM (Aged 49)

I visited Rich towards the end of last summer after suffering from severe pain in my left shoulder for many weeks caused by an injury some years ago. I have had cortisone injections into my shoulder joint so my next option was surgery. With surgery looming I decided to try an alternate therapy even though at the time I was quite sceptical but Rich was highly recommended by a friend who had previously received treatment.

At this point I could barely use my left arm due to the pain I was experiencing and simple tasks like showering and dressing were becoming unbearable, I was taking strong analgesic medication both day and night. On arriving for therapy I was both nervous and apprehensive but quickly felt at ease as Rich listened patiently and sympathetically to my long list of symptoms.

Before treatment began I was made comfortable on the massage table with my dignity
maintained. During the massage Rich constantly checked that the pressure that he was applying was acceptable and gave me a detailed explanation of the treatment he was giving and how I would benefit from it. He was very professional in manner and I felt confident of his ability.

WOW! results were instant. I could use my left arm freely without any undue pain. I am now able to complete everyday tasks with ease and am not considering surgery. I have returned for a few more massages when my shoulder has felt a little tight or slightly uncomfortable and have continued to benefit from the treatment received.

Thank you Rich from a very satisfied client

AN (Aged 54)
AN (Aged 54)

After feeling something go in my back while doing some landscaping work in my garden I was aware of some discomfort in my back but managed to carry on for a few days, however my back pain deteriorated to the point I couldn't do my normal activities and was even struggling getting in and out of my car. After a trip to the doctor for his favoured back pain cure of an industrial strength cocktail of pain killers, double strength Nurofen ,antispasmodics and something to stop stomach damage! Five days later I was not much improved.

I was given a recommendation by a fellow Trentham canoe club member, so I booked an appointment with 'RJS Sports and Remedial Massage'. After an analysis of the problem Rich treated my back. The improvement was impressive and after the treatment I was able to stop the painkillers that same day. Over the next few days I was confident enough to try some gentle exercise including walking and swimming. After a second visit a few days later I was able to return to my kayak training at Trentham canoe club.

I found RJS to be professional and helpful in their approach also providing information to help with rehabilitation and prevention of future issues. Based on my experience I would not hesitate to recommend him to others. Unfortunately the doctor's normal 'drugs only' based approach is not always the most effective in providing a rapid recovery for active individuals!

PR (Aged 55)
PR (Aged 55)

I booked in for a sports massage with Rich as I’d been experiencing back and neck pain for around 6 months. I work in an office environment and sit hunched over a computer all day. I also experience Chronic fatigue and get some aches and pains along with it, so I ignored my aches and put it down to the fatigue but eventually decided enough was enough and made an appointment. Rich was very thorough during the consultation period and the massage itself was great.

I’ve had gentle holistic massages in the past which have left me relaxed but that’s all.

The techniques Rich used were just what I needed as I had very tense and knotted areas and he worked really hard, for a lengthy time breaking them down and asking about the pain level of very tender spots the whole way through. He recommended a follow up appointment and gave suggestions regarding posture and seating. When my appointment came around the following week, I realised I’d been practically pain free since my previous appointment with him.

I have since seen him again when I’ve felt the beginning of the aches and pains in my back (around 4 months later) and will continue to in the future and have also recommended him to my friends.

AS (Aged 35)
AS (Aged 35)